Voice & Communication Therapy

Voice and Communication Therapy

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Voice and Communication Therapy - Trans Gender - Express Your Gender

Voice and Communication Therapy for Trans Individuals

Every client’s journey is different and there is absolutely no requirement to have a medical/psychiatric diagnosis or to be pursuing a specific type of transition or gender expression in order to attend. As a Speech and Language Therapist, I am trained to assess need and provide holistic interventions in order to help my clients become confident, competent communicators in each of their lived environments.

Corporate Services for Transgender Community Ireland - Express Your Gender

Voice and Communication Therapy for Trans Groups

“Confident Voices” is Express YOUR Gender’s voice and communication group therapy programme. It involves a combination of individual sessions and group sessions. Voice and communication therapy can benefit people of any or no gender identity, whether trans or cis-gender. The ultimate goal of this kind of therapy is to help clients become confident, competent communicators in all of the environments they live, work and socialise in.