Trans Voice Therapy Groups

Confident Voices

Voice and Communication Therapy for Trans Groups

Confident Voices is Express YOUR Gender’s voice and communication group therapy programme. It involves a combination of both individual sessions and group sessions. Voice and communication therapy can benefit many people who wish to become more confident communicators, whether at work, at home, or out and about.

Many trans people find that their voices let them down because of a mis-match between the gender they want to express to the world and the gender associated with their voice or communication style. They often seek help from a Speech and Language Therapist to overcome this. I have been providing this service to trans people since 2011 on an individual basis and started running voice groups in 2015. A group approach has many benefits, including lower costs and motivational support from other participants. It’s good fun!

The next Confident Voices group programme will be in Galway in April/May 2018 and is open to trans people wishing to explore feminine voice and communication.

**This group, as with all xYg services, is gender inclusive – you don’t have to be pursuing a certain type of gender transition to attend.**

Transgender Services - Express Your Gender
Transgender Group Voice and Communication Therapy - Express Your Gender
Individual Sessions

Prior to the group sessions commencing we will have our first individual session, where I will carry out an assessment, including a case history and voice assessment, and a discussion of your personal goals for gender expression. I will also provide you with instructions around how to prepare your voice for the programme.

Throughout the 6 group sessions we will check in on how you are progressing and experiencing the programme and see if there is any further support that you need, in order to ensure you are getting the full benefit from the programme and are reaching your goals.

After the final group session you will have your second individual session, to re-assess your voice and other goals and close out.

Group Sessions

The group sessions are two hours long and involve:

  • Voice training and practice, building on the previous week’s exercises
  • Non-verbal communication behaviours (e.g. gesture, facial expression)
  • Other related topics, e.g. gender theory, workplace communications, public speaking, stress management

Programme Fee

The cost per person for the Confident Voices programme is normally €200-500 on a sliding fee, however, the upcoming programme in Galway is free of charge, thanks to generous funding fromThe Ireland Fund and the HSE National Social Inclusion Office, in collaboration with the Speech & Language Therapy department at NUI Galway.

There is no fee to attend this programme – participants are only responsible for their travel costs and time off work if relevant.

Participants will be expected to commit to the entire programme, including completing tasks and activities between group sessions.

Included in the programme are:

  • 2 individual sessions (1 hour each)
  • 6 group sessions (2 hours each)
  • Course materials (handouts and recordings)
  • Support between sessions via email, private Facebook group and/or Whatsapp group
  • Light refreshments


Places on this programme are limited to 10 people. If you would like to chat with me, and hear more about Confident Voices, please get in touch!