Diversity Consulting

Diversity Consulting

How we have traditionally understood gender is rapidly changing. A new gender paradigm is emerging and successful organisations need to be on board with these cultural changes. The great thing about availing of Express YOUR Gender’s diversity consulting services, is that you are supporting a social enterprise which gives back to the transgender community by providing affordable voice coaching, career development programmes and web-based resources. It’s a win-win!

Express YOUR Gender offers training and consulting to organisations across public, private and not-for-profit sectors. 

Individual Support for Trans Employees

As a caring employer you want to make sure your staff are supported throughout their working life. As a qualified Speech & Language Therapist with years of experience working with transgender clients on both their communication skills and their confidence in the workplace, I can provide tailored 1 to 1 support for your transgender staff, no matter where they are in their gender journey or their career.  

Individual Support for Employees

Staff Training and Workshops

Let your staff be part of this powerful cultural change through inspiring, empowering and thought provoking workshops. Topics can include:

  • How gender affects our working lives
  • Gender and why it matters at work
  • How language in the workplace can reinforce and challenge gender norms
  • The new culture of gender
  • Inherent bias

Workshops and trainings can be tailored to suit your Diversity & Inclusion goals.

Staff Training - Express Your Gender

Awareness Raising Events

At xYg we are passionate about gender and about changing mind sets. We want information about gender, from academic and community-based sources, to be accessible to all people. We make it accessible through creating enjoyable occasions and opportunities for conversation. From lunch time talks through multi-media exhibitions, our events will fit right in with your plans for Diversity week or any special occasion throughout the year.

Awareness Raising Events

Preparing for Change

New thinking about gender is catching on. A changing gender paradigm will impact how we understand gender norms, gender equality, LGBT issues and diversity overall. Perhaps your diversity manager or HR team would like to explore this on a deeper level and see how they can incorporate new language and thoughts into your organisation’s strategy.

Preparing for Change

Interested in Express YOUR Gender’s diversity consulting services?

Drop me a line and let’s see how we can work together!