Authentic Careers

Authentic Careers

Are you finding it difficult to get a job? Are you stuck in a rut and wondering how to move forward in your career? Is your gender identity or gender expression one of the factors holding you back from being your most Authentic Self in the workplace? This empowering career development programme, “Authentic Careers”, may be just what you need!

Authentic Careers is xYg’s career development programme for Trans* people. It was piloted in Spring 2015, through funding from Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), with incredibly positive outcomes for the people involved.

What We Will Cover

This programme is designed to help each participant identify positive next steps in their career path, be it returning to college, seeking out an internship, putting yourself forward for a promotion, or applying for part-time work to pay the bills while bigger decisions are being made. Ideally you will do this within a framework of authenticity, of what is right for you right now, but also what your long term ambition is for your life. Activities will help you identify your core values, transferable and wonderful attributes you may not even know you possess!

We will also cover the practicalities of job seeking, from writing CVs to interview techniques, to handling challenging questions. The course is responsive and will adapt to the issues and ideas brought forward by this new group of 8 participants.

Transgender Career Development Services - Express Your Gender Ireland
Authentic Careers - Transgender Career Development Ireland - Express Your Gender

How The Course is Delivered

We use a variety of approaches to learning – group discussion and problem solving, role play, mindfulness, mentoring, mini-lectures and workshops, as well as homework exercises between classes. Support is available to course participants via a closed Facebook group for each course group and ultimately from a network of trans jobseekers who may share your experiences and concerns. As the course facilitator I am also here to help and support you as you make decisions and set goals for the next stage in your life.

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It is hoped that more Authentic Careers courses will run throughout the year, in various locations around Ireland. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the next course and you will be contacted when a course is scheduled.