All of my services are offered within a framework of gender diversity and equality. This means that I accept and celebrate each individual’s gender journey and work to build their confidence and comfort in expressing their gender in whatever environments they work and live in, while also supporting the creation of environments in which people of diverse genders can thrive and contribute. I believe that all forms of gender expression are legitimate and I take a non-prescriptive approach to my work. This means that I will never assume to know better than my clients about their journey or needs. I offer information and facilitate conversations, and, when needed, I provide therapeutic support so that you or your organisation can implement positive changes in a step by step and sustainable manner. Therapists are defined as facilitators of change, and to facilitate is to make easy. That’s what I’m here for.

Voice and Communication Therapy - Trans Gender - Express Your Gender

Voice and Communication Therapy

Voice and communication therapy for trans people aims to reduce the discomfort associated with speaking and relating to others, which may be caused by many factors including a mismatch between how your voice is gendered, and the gender you would like to express to the world.

Authentic Careers - Transgender Services Ireland - Express Your Gender

Career Development

Are you finding it difficult to get a job? Are you stuck in a rut and wondering how to move forward in your career? Is your gender identity or gender expression one of the factors holding you back from being your most Authentic Self in the workplace? This empowering career development programme may be just what you need!

Corporate Services for Transgender Community Ireland - Express Your Gender

Diversity Consulting

How we have traditionally understood gender is rapidly changing. A new gender paradigm is emerging and organisations and employers should be part of the conversation. My experience working and delivering training in the corporate and community sector, my clinical experience working with trans clients and my passion for language, communication and of course, gender diversity, allow me to offer a variety of services to your organisation.