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Support xYg

Express YOUR Gender is an award winning social enterprise, having been awarded the prestigious Elevator Award by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland in 2015. This award has help support xYg to refine it’s operations and strategic plan and has been instrumental in our progress.

As a social enterprise, profits are reinvested in xYg’s two community programmes: Confident Voices, a group voice and communication therapy programme, and Authentic Careers, an employment support and career development programme, both specifically aimed at trans community members, who are not otherwise supported in this way.

xYg is also a start up – sustainability is the goal and we are getting there. A suite of apps to support unique gender journeys, online voice and communication therapy services, and wonderful organisational supports will all serve to support xYg’s community programmes.

You can help xYg to get there. There are so many ways you can help, from sharing our content on social media, or buying a cool Express YOUR Gender tee-shirt, to funding an entire group voice therapy programme or enlisting one of our organisational support services.

If you would like to talk with Rachel about corporate sponsorship, please get in touch using the link at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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Social Media

Like us, follow us, share our links, and read the articles we post. Not only will you learn more about the gender revolution and transgender issues, you will help make xYg the number one spot in Ireland for great information.

Express Your Gender Totebag

Buy an xYg Totebag €10

€10.00 including post and packaging. These are seriously cute cotton shoppers, printed in Dublin and featuring our borderline iconic Blue Strawberry.

Express Your Gender T-Shirt

Buy an xYg T-Shirt €30

€30.00 including post and packaging. Make a statement! Tell everyone around you that their unique gender is worth expressing, now!

Support an Authentic Career for 1 Trans Person

With your help, one trans person will get the support they need to pursue an authentic career as their true selves. Help someone develop the self-esteem and resilience they need to navigate the working world.

It’s tough out there!

Support Express Your Gender - Place Sponsorship
Support - Invest in future

Support an entire Authentic Careers Programme!

Up to 8 trans job-seekers can attend one of our career development programmes, specially designed to reflect the specific needs of the trans community. There is no other service like this in Ireland!

Invest in future employment and help 8 trans people move forward with more confidence, a network of support and a host of follow-on services.


Help 1 trans person find their Confident Voice

For many trans people, having a voice that matches the gender you want to present to the world is critical to a happy and fulfilling life. The risk of being “found out” because of the way you speak causes many to hold back.

Confident Voices is xYg’s group voice & communication programme for trans people and offers a safe and supportive environment for partcipants to develop essential communication skills for every day life.

Support - Sponsor Confident Voices
Support - Underwrite A Course

Support an entire Confident Voices Programme

Confident Voices is the only programme of its kind on offer to the trans community in Ireland.

Up to 8 people can participate in this wonderfully empowering group, which has the benefit of being more affordable than private, 1:1 therapy, while also offering motivation and moral support between group members.

Help 8 people find their confident voice today!


Donate an amount of your choice.

Whatever the amount, your contribution will go a long way towards supporting the work of Express YOUR Gender, whether it’s to underwrite the cost of one of our programmes so a participant can pay less, or to develop our suite of services and resources of the trans community.

Thank you!

Support Amount
Support - Sponsor Transgender Career Development

Want To Know More?

Interested in learning more about sponsorship? I’d be delighted to talk to you so please get in touch below.