Help xYg Make it Happen in March!

Help xYg Make it Happen in March - Express Your Gender

Help xYg Make it Happen in March!

Express YOUR Gender is committed to achieving gender diversity and equity through the provision of evidence-based, professional services.

As a new start-up and a social enterprise, one of the biggest challenges we face is financing our work. We have so many ambitions for 2015 and beyond and the ultimate goal is to be self-sustaining, with our apps and web-based services, as well as our organisational services, subsidising our Voice & Communication Group Programmes for trans people in Ireland.

Right now, we need YOUR help to get us off the ground so we can run our Pilot Voice & Communication Group Programme this Summer. This will allow 6 – 8 trans women develop a confident voice and communication style so they can live better lives.

When a person is afraid to speak for fear of being found out, ridiculed, discriminated against or abused, opportunities for living a full and happy life are greatly reduced. Phone calls, job interviews, paying bus fare, laughing out loud, all become out of reach.

Express YOUR Gender wants professional Speech & Language Therapy to be accessible to whoever needs it. You can help.

Please support our March challenge to sell 300 T-Shirts and 200 Shopping Bags.

There are two ways you can help.

1. Buy an Express YOUR Gender Shopping Bag (€10.00) or T-Shirt (€30.00)

2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and share with your friends, family and colleagues. Let people know what we are doing and how they can help.

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