First Authentic Careers Networking Event

First Authentic Careers Networking Event


xYg and Linked in are teaming up to bring you the first Authentic Careers networking event for the trans community in Ireland. We aim to make this a monthly meet up where transgender job seekers, employees, employers and entrepreneurs can gather, exchange experiences, learn from each other and gain support from expert speakers. logo-tm

The first meeting will be in Outhouse​, Capel Street, Dublin 1, on Tuesday 27th October, from 6.00-8.30 p.m.

  • There will be time for chats and discussion, where we can decide as a group what the priorities are and how best xYg can work to support trans careers.
  • Then there will be a presentation from Linked in about how to best use your online profile to support your career
  • You will receive 1:1 input from a Linked in-er, so you can polish up your Linked In profiles on the spot
  • Lastly, there will be a photographer for anyone who wants a more professional looking mugshot for their Linked in and other online profiles
  • Light refreshments will be provided, courtesy of Linked in.


This event is FREE but it is necessary to register to attend. We can accommodate a max of 20 people.

Please email to register or use the contact form here.

How did I get into this - Express Your Gender

Why are we doing this? 

Earlier this year, and again this Summer, xYg, in collaboration with Transgender Equality Network Ireland, ran two Career Development Programmes for trans people. The goal was to support trans job-seekers and employees in developing more authentic careers through practical skills and resilience building. One of the main benefits of the programme was the opportunity to discuss work related issues that are specific to trans people, such as:

  • Explaining your non-binary gender to colleagues or recruiters
  • Coming out at work
  • Valuing LGBTQI+ related work experience (advocacy, volunteering, group facilitation…)
  • Dealing with inappropriate questions during interviews without losing the chance of the job
  • Appreciating the awesome transferable skills that you have, just because you are trans
  • Handling anxiety and nerves before and during interviews
  • A LOT more!!


We aim to run more Career Development Programmes for Trans people (now called “Authentic Careers”), and in more locations around Ireland. The monthly meet up also aims to address some of the challenges experienced by trans people in the workplace. This is a very grassroots initative and we endeavour to be responsive as opposed to prescriptive in our offering.

Don’t forget to register for this free event! We can accommodate a max of 20 people.

Email to register or use the contact form here.



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