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** I am currently updating the xYg website to reflect new services. Please excuse any inconsistencies while this is underway and please contact me if you have any queries!**


Welcome to Express YOUR Gender, a social enterprise based in Ireland. I’m Rachel, the founder of xYg. I provide voice, Rachel Moore
therapy and support to transgender people, helping you to develop confidence and engage with life in all its forms. I want everyone to be able to embrace and express their authentic selves and live happier, freer lives.

I believe that gender is an individual experience, that everyone feels, expresses and lives their gender differently. I believe that healthcare providers should support gender diversity. I endeavour to break through gender norms and stereotypes and I help you to see past the “shoulds” or “should nots” and to find a communication style that is right for you and your life. I believe it’s YOUR gender and that you should express it YOUR way; not my way, not your doctor’s way, not your boss’s way, not your best friend’s way, not your teacher’s way, YOUR way!

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Express Your Gender - Vision

My Vision

A world where all people can participate fully in social and economic life, regardless of gender identity or gender expression.

Express Your Gender - Mission

My Mission

To make speech & language therapy services accessible to transgender people, through private therapy, subsidised group therapy, and training and support for Speech & Language Therapists.

Express Your Gender - Values

My Values

Freedom of gender expression, gender diversity, gender equity, honesty, love.

What I Offer


Voice and Communication Therapy - Trans Gender - Express Your Gender

Voice Therapy & Support for Trans People

Voice therapy for transgender people is often about building up a bit of confidence in everyday interactions, at home, with friends, in the workplace, or on a night out. It can also be about ‘masculinising’, ‘feminising’ or ‘neutralising’ your voice. Whatever your goal, we work together to achieve it.

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Support for Speech & Language Therapists

I believe that speech & language therapy is an essential service for many transgender people. If you have recently received a request or referral for/from a trans client and are unsure of where to start, contact me and I will help you. You know more than you realise but a bit of guidance will certainly help.


Lectures, Talks and Workshops

I am focused on empowering emerging and established Speech & Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists to embrace equality and diversity in their clinical practice and professional lives. Undergraduate lectures, departmental workshops and CPD talks are available.



Support XYG

Help me accomplish my mission to make speech & language therapy accessible to trans people, through my subsidised voice groups and through my support service for established Speech & Language Therapists. 

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